Rich Lee
New to the Tropica Collective, DJ Rich, a lifelong crate digger and seeker of all that is still unsung or, as Miles Davis famously said, “Don’t play what you know, play what you don’t know,” brings his eclectic music tastes from his work and travel. Hence an archaeologist digging and pushing the musical boundaries, and his dusty desert boots, from Timbuktu to Addis Ababa, Cairo to Senegal, and all points in between.
Current Fave: Angelique Kidjo - Houses In Motion


aka Professor Quatermix aka thePhatPlanet aka Global Groove aka WhiRleD has an almost infinitely long background in music. Working as musician, DJ, promoter, retailer and wholesaler at various times Dave has seen the business from many sides.

On reflection, the bits he likes most are the DJ-ing and

the drumming, 'though definitely never at the same time.....   

Current Fave: Kokoroko - Carry Me Home

Upside Your Mind

is the guy who likes the dancefloor in flow. Blending the old and new there is nothing like a nice cross rhythm to put him and you in a good mood with a little bit of bass, electronics, tight drums and brass to heat it real up nice. He plays about a bit in York and local festivals too…

Current Fave: Mor Thiam - Ayo Ayo Nene 

Fred Salt

Economics student and lover of all things rare and groovy, Fred enjoys anything from disco to house to Nigerian funk. A well-known DJ on the York student scene, Fred has played at a variety of venues such as Fibbers, Mansion, Derwent College and Sotanos and always gets the dancefloor moving. Expect to hear an eclectic mix of Brazilian, French and Afro rhythms, and whatever else sounds good!

Current fave: TZ Junior - Sugar My Love 

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Ms Fabulous
(Lu to her friends) is one of the York music scene's most sought-after DJs. As a founder member of the Irie Vibes Sound System crew you'll hear her playing an uplifting mix of reggae from all eras, often back-to-back with her Irie Vibes sister DJ Alilou. In ¡Tropica! mode Lu lets loose a global smorgasbord of sounds, from sinuous Congolese soukous to jump-up soca rhythms and she is always guaranteed to find something ear-raising in her record box of delights.
Lu loves calypso, township jive, cheesey cha-cha-cha...
her current favourite tune is Woman Piabba by the Meditations 
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