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Many DJs today use the MixCloud platform as a handy portfolio demonstration of their work.

¡TROPICA! DJs are no different...on this page we're highlighting new and favourite mixes by ¡TROPICA! DJs alongside some of our guest DJs and including great mixes we come across

on our travels.

¡Tropica! DJ Mixes!

Autumn 2019

Fred Salt & DrummieDave contribute new mixes for your enjoyment.

Warm-up for a ¡Tropica! Club Night with

some back-to-back hot dex action!


Resident DJs:

UpsideYourMind March 2018

Upside Your Mind March 2018
DrummieDave Too Darn Hot! (Summer of '19)
Too Darn Hot.jpg

Guests & Friends

Fred Salt Clkworkmix: 021

Fred Salt ClkworkMix: 021 Mixcloud. ¡TROPICA!.

Sam Redmore & Magoo Live Mix 17/2/18


StefM Trojan Rocksteady Special

DJ StefM Rocksteady Special Mixcloud mix on ¡TROPICA!

Jamie Renton Chilli Fried Summer 2019

SDJ Jamie Renton Dancefloor Nomad Mixcloud mix on ¡TROPICA!

UpsideYourMind MixCloud Page: UpsideYourMind

DrummieDave MixCloud Page: DrummieDave

Fred Salt MixCloud Page: Fred Salt

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